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Conveniently located at the entrance of the GWB (George Washington Bridge), we are easily accessible to all major highways. Thus, we are "On The Way" to wherever you may be going (work, play and/or travel, we are approximately 1/2 hour from NY & NJ airports). With this, pet owners who take public transportation to work, they walk to Dog On It, drop off their furry babies and take one of the awaiting buses crossing the GWB into New York City.

As for customers who drive, they take advantage of our concierge service in which, they pull up in front of our doors, and a Dog On It staff member will meet them curbside, take the pup from the car, so busy clients can "keep it moving", as their beloved pet is now taken on their 1st walk of the day.

Our clients are loving and attentive pet-parents, many are amongst the "Who's Who" in fashion, entertainment and sports and require the best care for their pets. Thus, our personalized care includes a safe, clean and sanitary facility with crate-free options. We offer specialized home cooked meals, filtered ice-water and we make sure one-on-one time is spent with each dog, as our mission is simply to love and care for each and every pet just as we would our very own. As a testament (upon arrival), our cuddly canine's, run to our doors with great excitement (pulling and dragging their parents behind them)!

Ensuring all dogs are routinely bathed and groomed, helps keep down pet dander, prevents flea's, ticks and bad smells, which all aids in maintaining our clean, sanitary Home-Away-From-Home facility that our clients love and prefer, especially since most of our pets sleep with their family members.

 Dog On It

Doggie Daycare

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  • Doggie Daycare
  • Over Night/ Boarding
  • Full Service Grooming


  • Vet Visits
  • Doggie Transportation (Pick-Up & Drop Off) 
  • Curbside Drop-Off
  • Home Style Meals
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