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Over Night/ Boarding

Full  Grooming Services

Doggie Daycare

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Our  unique Crate-Free Option for Over Night/ Boarding gives our Boarders the same fun experience as our Daycare attendees.  Boarders receive 5 walks a day.

  • $65 per Night

*Check-out time is at 9:00am of the day you are scheduled to leave. After 9:00am, you will accrue a $35.00 Daycare fee.

For the particularly spoiled pooches, we offer Home-Style Cooked Meals with choices of- Chicken breast, a Lamb shank, a Salmon portion or Ground Beef (a burger or sauteed). All meals are served with rice, mixed vegetables over a bed of  Kibble (1 cup).

  • $10 and up

Traditional Dog Food- Dry Kibble, Wet of a mixture of the 2 

  • $5 per meal.

Our Premiere Daycare Service is the talk of the town! Dogs who attend Dog On It's "Home-Away-From-Home" have 3 walks a day and enjoy a fun filled day-of-play with other non-aggressive, fully vaccinated Pooches. Your furry companion is free to romp around on sofas and bunk-beds or nap and lounge on a cozy window seat.  And as we all know, every dog loves looking outside, watching the neighborhood street scenes! Our virtual aquariums, cartoons and pet shows playing on high definition flat-screen televisions, assists in giving us our "Home-Away-From-Home" feel.

  • $35.00 per Day
  • 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday thru Friday
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Flexible  hours available via reservations


Pick-up & Delivery within a 10 mile radius.

$20 round trip ($10.00 each way)

Dog On It Doggie Daycare reserves the right to refuse use of its facilities for dogs who, in Dog On It Doggie Daycare's sole determination, act aggressively, are undisciplined, show evidence of inappropriate behavior, appear ill, abused or unfit, or who may otherwise be a danger to themselves or other Dogs/Animals or Humans. Due to their unpredictable nature, Dog On It Doggie Daycare does not allow any dogs whose breed is Rottweiler, Pit Bull nor its mixed breeds, to participate in daycare or communal boarding activities. Other Dogs that are not allowed include: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier and American Bull Terrier.

Full Grooming includes 2 baths, a conditioner, a hair cut, nails cut or filed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed and anal glands excreted upon customer's request.

  • $65 - Small Dogs
  • $75 -Medium Dogs
  • $85 - Large Dogs
  • $95 - Extra Large Dogs


  • $35 (starting with Teacup sized doggies) and up